Trainer 2 - Mr TC

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Trainer 2 - Mr TC


 We provide comprehensive solutions for facility operations professionals - leading to the development and implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management System and Inventory Control software nationwide.


We design courses that:

  1. Try to reflect "real world" scenarios.
  2. Use of role playing exercises.
  3. Encourage participants to utilize their training as soon as they return to their facility.
  4. Encourage participants to use their own work place  scenarios for the workshops.


Mr TC is a company director, has extensive experience in maintenance management spanning the last 25 years. He has worked as Plant or Maintenance Engineer for the last 18 years. During this time he has worked in worldwide companies such as:

  • Beecham Products,
  •  Sterling Health and
  • Harris Advanced Technology.

He has been involved with design, installation and maintenance of plant facilities. He was active in the setting up of fire protection, safety and energy management in the plant. At present he is actively conducting training in the area of plant engineering and in particular in the area of Maintenance Management, Computerized Maintenance Management, Total Productive Maintenance and Fire Protection System.

He has conducted trainings and given talks in the following institution:

  • National Productivity Centre (NPC),
  • Penang Skill Development Centre (PSDC),
  • Johore Skill Development Centre (JSDC), 
  •  Institute of Engineers,
  • Malaysia (IEM),
  • Malaysia Institute of Management,
  • University Technology Malaysia. 

He is registered as an incorporated engineer under the engineering council, UK and is a member of the institution of plant engineers, UK. He is also a graduate member of the institution of fire engineers,  International Council.  Mr. TC earned his Master of Science in Engineering Business Management from Warwick University, UK.

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